Best 16-Inch Wheels For Tacoma: Top 10 Picks

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Toyota Tacoma has been popular ever since its introduction in 1995. It has become more well-known and appreciated over the last two decades.

Although initially planned as a pickup truck, Tacoma engraved its name in the racing and off-roading world with incredible performance and reliability.

We know that people love to upgrade and modify their vehicles. Tacoma owners are not any different. The standard modifications for Tacomas are wheel and tire-centric.

With so many different brands offering various wheels, knowing the correct fit for your vehicle is vital.

To make things easier for you, we went through a vast test and trial process and checked a wide range of 16-inch wheels to pick the 10 best 16-inch wheels for Tacoma.

Keep reading to learn about them, and then make your choice!

Editor's Pick
OE Wheels LLC 16 inch Rims Fits Sequoia Tundra 4Runner Tacoma FJ Cruiser 6x139.7 TY17 16x7 Black SET
Best Overall
Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick Matte Black Wheel (16x8"/5x5.5mm, +10 mm offset)
Best Budget
Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (16x8"/5x114.3mm)
OE Wheels LLC 16 inch Rims Fits Sequoia Tundra 4Runner Tacoma FJ Cruiser 6×139.7 TY17 16×7 Black SET
Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick Matte Black Wheel (16×8″/5×5.5mm, +10 mm offset)
Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (16×8″/5×114.3mm)
Price not available
Price not available
Editor's Pick
OE Wheels LLC 16 inch Rims Fits Sequoia Tundra 4Runner Tacoma FJ Cruiser 6x139.7 TY17 16x7 Black SET
OE Wheels LLC 16 inch Rims Fits Sequoia Tundra 4Runner Tacoma FJ Cruiser 6×139.7 TY17 16×7 Black SET
Price not available
More Info
Best Overall
Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick Matte Black Wheel (16x8"/5x5.5mm, +10 mm offset)
Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick Matte Black Wheel (16×8″/5×5.5mm, +10 mm offset)
Price not available
More Info
Best Budget
Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (16x8"/5x114.3mm)
Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (16×8″/5×114.3mm)
More Info

Why Is The Right Wheel Size So Important for A Vehicle?

The right wheel size is significant for any vehicle. It decides how well the vehicle will perform. The size becomes more crucial when you often go off-roading or prefer adventures on rough terrains.

If the wheel size is incorrect, it will fail to fit perfectly and offer the desired control while driving. This can lead to a wobbly vehicle that can be dangerous and uncomfortable to drive.

Since we are talking about Tacoma, let’s check out why you should get the right wheel size.

Safety and Handling

Safety has to be the biggest concern. Your wheel size needs to be right so you can take the Tacoma out for off-roading or street driving without worrying about safety and security. 

The correct wheel size can offer the traction and stability you need while driving. On the contrary, if the wheel does not fit properly, it can lead to skidding and compromise handling.

Ride Comfortability

Then comes the ride comfortability. Driving is all about comfort. An imperfect wheel size can affect this. Larger wheels are often stiffer and less comfortable on the roads.

In contrast, small wheels are smoother and gentler. It’s not true for all wheel types, but it’s definitely something to consider. 

Performance Goals

To ensure ride comfortability, you also need to think about your performance goals. If you are an off-road rider, a smaller wheel can support you the best.

On the other hand, larger wheels are better at handling and cornering. 

Outlook Preference

Wheel size plays an important role in the appearance of a Tacoma. Some people like the larger wheels, while some prefer the small ones. 

So it all comes down to how you want your Tacoma to look like. However, it is mandatory to establish a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance

The wheel size is also linked to the fuel efficiency of a Tacoma. If the wheel is too big and a misfit for your specific Tacoma model, it can reduce the gas mileage.

Wheel Size also has an impact on the maintenance requirement and cost. Smaller wheels are easier to clean, and the repair cost is less than large, heavier wheels.

16″, 17″, Or 18″ Wheels – Which One Is Better for Tacoma?

It all comes down to your preference and performance goals. All three wheel sizes have their own benefits and drawbacks. Read about them below. 

  • 16-inch wheels

16-inch wheels are excellent for a Tacoma compatible with the specific wheel size. They are more profound on the roads compared to larger wheels and absorb bumps and shocks better. 

That being said, most 16-inch wheels come with basic outlooks. Of course, there are still many rugged and bold-looking wheels out there, but the majority of them are pretty simple. 

  • 17-inch wheels

Performance and configuration-wise, the 17-inch wheels fall right in the middle. They work great for most Tacomas and perfectly balance comfort, stability, and performance. 

Most 17-inch wheels are incredible on both highways and off-road. Rightfully so, they are the most favorite choice of Tacoma users. 

  • 18-inch wheels

The 18-inch wheels are aggressive by birth. These wheels are the perfect choice for someone who loves larger wheels and the aesthetics they bring along. 

18-inch wheels are better at on-road handling. They also offer smooth cornering, which can be a great comfort.

But they are quite firm and stiff compared to the 16 and 17-inch wheels. The firmness can make them less suitable for off-roading. 

You can also check out the quick comparison table below:

Wheel SizeProsCons
16-inchPerfect for comfortable off-roading It can be pretty basic in terms of outlook (not true for all wheels)
Excellent shock-absorbing power On-road handling is not top-notch 
17-inchA perfect balance of comfort and performance Slightly firmer
Works great for both on-road and off-road 
18-inchGreat outlook, sporty vibeFirm and stiff
Very good at on-road handling and cornering Not the ideal option for heavy off-roading 

10 Best 16-inch Wheels for Tacoma

Every wheel is unique and offers something different for a vehicle. All the wheels described below come from popular brands that have ruled the industry for a long time.

Take your time going through the pros and cons and choose the best 16-inch wheels for Tacoma.

1. OE Wheels LLC 16-inch Rims Fits Tacoma TRD TY17 Gloss BlackEditor’s Pick

OE Wheels LLC 16 inch Rims Fits Sequoia Tundra 4Runner Tacoma FJ Cruiser 6×139.7 TY17 16×7 Black SET
  • MPN: 9510382
  • Bolt Pattern: 6×139.7 // Wheel Offset: 13mm // Back Spacing: 4.51mm
  • Wheel Size: 16×7 // Hub Size: 106mm // Finish: Black
  • Lugs/Bolts/Locks/TPMS are NOT Included.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Compatible

The first 16-inch wheel on our list belongs to the renowned brand – OE Wheels LLC.

Before anything else, we would like to highlight two things that impressed us the most: good value for the money and its resemblance to the factory wheel. 

This aluminum wheel is worth every penny. It is a replica of Tacoma’s 16-inch factory wheels. We tested it on our 2021 Tacoma SR, and it was a perfect fit.

According to the manufacturer, those should fit any Tacoma from 2001-2022 unless they are heavily upgraded or modified. 

We liked the satin-black finish of the wheels. Two clear coatings over the black powder layer give the wheel a classy look without being too glossy.

It also comes with a center cap that is interchangeable with the factory cap. Although the wheel does not come with lug nuts, bolts, or locks, you can order them separately to make it work.

The TY17 wheels are compatible with the tire pressure monitoring system as well. 


  • Good value for the money
  • Accurate resemblance to the factory wheels
  • Attractive satin black finish
  • It comes with an interchangeable center cap
  • Compatible with TPMS


  • It does not come with lug nuts

2. Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick Matte Black WheelBest Overall

The next one on the list is the Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick. We loved the attention we received after taking out our 2008 Tacoma equipped with these wheels.

The unique appearance grabbed people’s eyes almost instantly. It is a great option for someone who wants something classy with a bit of flashiness.

It has a gloss black finish with diamond-cut accents and a clear coat. The combination of the glossy black and diamond hue gives it a stunning visual. 

The rugged aluminum body makes them extremely sturdy and perfect for street driving and off-roading. These 16X8 wheels with five windows offer a 10mm offset and feature a 5X138 bolt pattern.

The 235B Maverick won our hearts with its impressive road skills. It is unbelievably stable and calm. Also, the wheels are very easy to install and maintain, so definitely a great value for the money. 


  • Very attractive wheels
  • Gloss black finish with diamond cut accents 
  • Very stable and calm on the roads
  • Perfect for off-road driving 
  • Great value for the money 


  • Only one bolt pattern is available

3. Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black FinishBest Budget

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (16×8″/5×114.3mm)
  • 83.01 inches
  • Size 16×8
  • Bolt Pattern 5×4.5 in.
  • Back Space 4.5 in.

Pro Comp is a reputed brand that focuses more on quality and performance. Their Alloys Series 31 wheels are made of high-grade graphite using low-pressure casting technology.

They have a 5X4.5-inch bolt pattern and come in a satin-black finish. We were blown away by the offset brake clearance offered by the wheels.

These lightweight but durable wheels are built to run wild on the streets and off-roads. Pro Comp wheels ensure resilience and durability in the long run. 

Many people appreciate the aggressive appearance of the 31 series. The five bolts configuration with the brand logo in the middle looks so cool. Also, the bolts are easy to reach. 

From the price point, the wheels are pretty affordable and good value for the money. Judging by the various Tacoma community posts, a lot of the users love the rigidity and stability of the wheels while driving. 


  • Made of graphite using low-pressure casting technology
  • Looks aggressive and cool
  • Bolts are very to access 
  • Pretty rigid and stable on the roads
  • Budget-friendly 


  • It may require spacers for a better fit

4. Genuine Toyota 2020-2021 Tacoma TRD PRO 16″ Matte Black Wheel

Genuine Toyota 2020-2021 Tacoma TRD PRO 16″ Matte Black Wheel PT946-35200-02 w/Center Cap
  • Genuine Toyota Matte Black Wheel (Technically for 2020 & 2021 Tacoma TRD PRO)
  • Will Fit: 2005 & Newer Tacoma ** 2007 thru 2014 FJ Cruiser ** 1999 & Newer 4Runner
  • Offset: 13mm ** Bolt Pattern: 6×139.7mm ** Rim Width: 7 ** Rim Material: Aluminum ** Brand: TRD ** Number of Bolts: 6 ** Rim Structure: Cast ** Rim Diameter: 16 ** Color: Matte Black

Now, let’s see what Toyota has in store for us! The TRD Pro series 16-inch wheels are strong and beautiful. We loved it at first sight. It comes off as a strong, bold, and eye-catching wheel. 

These wheels are made of high-quality aluminum. They are lightweight but durable. While in use, they helped to enhance our driving experience by improving handling. Their design and structure guarantee smooth off-road and on-road driving.  

The TRD Pro 16″ wheels lifted our Tacoma about an inch, contributing to an additional 2.5° approach angle. It features a 6X139.7 bolt pattern. The package includes center caps and logos. 

The best thing about this set of wheels is that you get authentic Toyota parts. Although it’s not the most affordable option, it is still worth the money. 


  • Strong and beautiful wheels
  • Offers great handling 
  • Perfect for both on-road and off-road driving 
  • Improves the approach angle by a 2.5°


  • It doesn’t come with a TPMS

5. Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II Wheel with Satin Black Finish

Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II Wheel with Satin Black Finish (16×8″/6×5.5″) 0 millimeters offset
  • High-range load ratings
  • All new pop-top style centre cap provides easy access to locking hubs
  • Made in United States
  • Package Height: 10.25″

Since 1963, Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels has been dedicated to making the best parts for automotive enthusiasts.

While staying true to its signature style and essence, the brand developed the 16-inch Sidebiter II wheels for truck users like Tacoma.

Suitable for both street driving and hardcore adventures, these wheels are sturdy and powerful. We tried these wheels on a 2012 and a 2016 Tacoma.

They fit perfectly on both models. However, lug nuts were not included, so we did have to order them separately. But the performance of the wheels compensates for that. 

We really loved the construction and finishing of the 16X8 wheels. The pop-top style center cap sets it apart from other 16-inch Tacoma wheels in the market.

Also, the sharp and crisp seven-spoke design was like nothing we’ve seen before. The cap design makes accessing the locking hubs effortless. It has a 0mm offset.

So, if you are a fan of zero-offset wheels, you will love the Sidebiter II.


  • Sharp and crisp seven-spoke design 
  • Offers high-range load ratings
  • Suitable for both street driving and adventures 
  • Powerful and stable operation 


  • It requires separate lug nuts

6. Method Race Wheels MR701 Bead Grip Matte Black Wheel with Aluminum

Method Race Wheels MR701 Bead Grip Matte Black Wheel with Aluminum (16 x 6.5 inches /6 x 180 mm, 90 mm Offset)
  • Patented Bead Grip technology engages tire bead for increased grip at low tire pressures
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Classic 8 window design with debossed METHOD logo on face
  • Aggressive safety hump on bead seats further prevents de-beading
  • Reinforced inner lip taken from MRW race wheel increases strength

Method Race Wheels is a popular name in the wheel industry. Getting sidetracked from the beadlock technology, the MR701 model focuses on bead grip technology.

The idea was to satisfy customers who prefer wheels without the beadlock appearance. We loved how good it made our Tacoma look. The matte black color and an embossed METHOD logo made it look stunning!

The combination of A356 Aluminum and T6 heat treatment construction makes it one of the best 16-inch wheels in the market. It comes with an 8-spoke arrangement that offers a 90mm offset.

This design is curated to safeguard the valve stem from getting damaged on the trails. The unique inner lip brings out the perfect race-wheel look and gives it enormous strength.

Worried about off-road safety?

Don’t be. The MR701 passed the NHTSA’s safety and security test. It is perfect for off-roading and shows great control on the roads.

The bead grip configuration increases the tire’s contact patch surface, improving traction. 

The best part was the comfort we felt while riding the Tacoma after installing it. It helps decrease the tire’s spring rate, which adds to the comfort. 


  • Allows great control on the roads
  • Classic 8-window design 
  • Perfect for off-roading 
  • Race-bred wheels 
  • It helps to decrease the spring rate of the tire


  • We didn’t find any specific issues 

7. KMC Wheels XD Series

XD XD798 16X9 5X5.0 M-BLK -12MM – XD79869050712N
  • Available in 16″ 17″ 18″ and 20″ diameters with various widths and off-sets
  • Matte black painted finish and center cap
  • Lifetime structural and a one-year finish warranty against peeling or lifting of finish
  • Lug nuts are not included with wheel purchase
  • Pictures are meant to show the style of the wheel not necessarily the bolt pattern – please refer to product specifications below for exact product information

Want something lightweight but tough for your Tacoma? While looking for a wheel with a robust construction without being too heavy, we came across the KMC XD Series.

Since 1982, KMC Wheels has been steadily producing top-notch wheels, creating a massive impact on the truck scene.

The XD Series was particularly designed for racing. However, these race-bred wheels are also up for intense off-roading. 

It underwent several trials and tests to gain popularity in the dynamic racing world. And now, it has become one of the most cherished wheels among racing enthusiasts worldwide.

We loved the matte black finish. It completed the aggressive outlook with a hint of subtlety. It comes with an interchangeable center cap and XD Series logo.

The XD Series offers wheels in four sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, and 20″. It is also available in different ranges of offsets.

So, you can easily pick the 16-inch wheel for your Tacoma according to the offset requirement. 


  • Race-bred wheels
  • Tough and lightweight 
  • Available in three other sizes
  • Offers a range of offsets
  • Perfect for off-roading 


  • Hard to clean

8. Black Rhino Armory 16×8 6×5.5″ -10mm Gun Black Wheel Rim 16″ Inch

Black Rhino 1680ARY-06140G12 16X8 6X5.5 GNBLK -10MM Armory
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • International Renown For Our Diverse Range Of Award-Winning Products
  • Designed With The User In Mind
  • Proven And Tested For Durability And Function In Real-World Conditions
  • Meeting Or Exceeding All Required And Standardized Testing

Did you hear about the Black Rhino? They are a famous brand in the automotive world, originating from South Africa.

The theme of this brand for their wheels is strength and aggressive outlook. Their 16-inch Armory wheels are mind-blowing!

We were first attracted to this particular wheel because of the rugged MIL-SPEC appearance.

However, it turned out to be much more than just the looks. The 16X8 inch wheel blended so well with our Tacoma.

The 16-inch wheel offers three bolt patterns: 5X160, 6X130, and 6X139.7. You also get two offset options: 38mm and -10mm.

The user can easily find the right fit according to the Tacoma model and tire size.


  • Strong and aggressive MIL-SPEC appearance
  • Offers three different bolt patterns
  • Two offset options 


  • The packaging could be better 

9. FUEL Beast MBD-Matte BLK MACH Wheel with Painted (16 x 8. inches)

Another renowned brand among Tacoma users for aftermarket wheels is Fuel Off-road. We tried their 16-inch beast wheel and absolutely loved it.

Like the name, it is indeed an aggressive-looking wheel that is wild on the streets. Besides its bolt nature, the wheel also won our hearts in terms of durability.

We experienced the ultimate stiffness paired with incredible maneuverability. The 16X8-inch wheels offer only a 1mm offset.

This off-road beast features a monoblock pattern that only adds to the styling. The six-spoke design is minimal and not at all exaggerated.

A combination of black and machined tint metal bending slightly towards the center looks superb! It offers three lug bolt patterns: 5, 6, and 8, so you can choose one accordingly.

Alongside the 16-inch size, they are also available in 17, 18, and 20-inch sizes. Do you like adventures?

Then, these wheels can become your best buddies on the trails. They are built for tackling rough terrains with unmatched balance and stability.


  • Aggressive looking wheels
  • Also available in three other sizes
  • Multiple offset options 
  • Minimalistic six-spoke design


  • We didn’t find any specific issues

10. Fifteen52-Turbomac HD Classic Center Bore Asphalt Black Wheel

fifteen52 – Turbomac HD Classic 16×8 6×139.7 0mm ET 106.2mm Center Bore Asphalt Black Wheel (THDAB-68069-00)
  • A Monoblock Cast Off-Road Bronze Truck wheel design that will stand the test of time.
  • Turbomac HD [classic] has a classic stepped lip making the wheel design fitting for many modern and vintage off-road vehicles. It also features a vented ring to help keep your brakes cool while hitting the trails, and helps strategically shed weight from the wheel itself.
  • Strong and versatile, the Turbomac HD [classic] wheel is perfect for your Overland / Adventure Rig.

Although the last one on the list, we just can’t undermine this beautiful creation. Fifteen52 has a different approach when it comes to their wheels. 

Instead of going after the norms, they consistently prioritize minimalism, performance, and durability. After trying the 16-inch wheels for the first time, we could feel the difference.

The brand carefully merged the essence of motorsports with everyday street driving with the 16″ Turbomac HD. 

There is a ’52’ logo embossed on the center and a fifteen52 logo on the front bottom part of the wheel, giving it a touch of uniqueness with elegance.

This 16X8 aluminum wheel in carbon gray color looks solid and stylish at the same time. It features a stepped lip.

A vented ring safeguards the wheel by keeping the brakes cool when required. The wheel comes with a variety of offsets. 

The Fifteen52 16″ Turbomac HD is lightweight, which makes it a good option for overlanding.

Therefore, if you wish to equip your Tacoma with a race-ready wheel that can handle daily driving, this can be an incredible choice! 


  • Minimalist, performance-based design
  • Lightweight and easy handling 
  • The featured vented ring helps to keep the brakes cool


  • No specific issues were found 

Final Words

While checking out so many different wheels, we realized that the primary purpose behind a wheel upgrade is often related to aesthetics.

So, paying heed to your taste is vital before deciding on a wheel for your Tacoma. We picked two favorites as we tried 10 different 16-inch wheels on various Tacoma models.

Our first pick would be the OE Wheels LLC TY17 for its accurate resemblance to the factory wheels. Also, these are good wheels for the money.

Our second favorite is the Ultra Wheel 235B Maverick. They come from a highly reputed brand and are stable on the roads. The satin black finish with diamond cut accents creates just the best outlook.

Lastly, we hope this article helps you find the best 16-inch wheel for your Tacoma.


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