How Wide Is A 295 Tire? [A Detailed Discussion]

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So, are you going to assemble a new 295 tire in your car but do not know how wide is a 295 tire?

Not only the width, but it is equally necessary to get familiar with the tires’ height, rim width, and other measurements as well. 

The section width of a 295 standard tire is 295 mm/11.6 inches. Other dimensional statuses include a 7.5-inch sidewall height of 65R20, an 8-10” rim width of 50R15, and more!

The measurement of the overall tire may give you extra stress because one size will not match the other one.

Still confused? Well, let us start a discussion.

What Does A 295 Tire Mean?

In a nutshell, the 3-code digit “295” refers to the millimeter width of this particular tire, which is 295 mm. 

The measurement has a significant effect on your car’s performance, size, stability, and overall compatibility. 

In some places, you can notice a specific tire code attached near the 295 tire, like the 65R20. Note that every tire code serves some specific info about the tire.

For instance, the number “65” stands for the tire’s aspect ratio of tire’s sidewall to the tire’s width.

How Wide is a 295 Tire?

The width of the tire, aka the section width, is a dimension in millimeters. When we talk about any tire’s size specs, this is considered the first number you need to know.

The width of the 295 tires is around 11.6 inches. For being relatively wide in range, this tire will roll quite freely, smoothly, and that too with excellent gripping.

In fact, it also enhances the contact patch of the tire with the surface.

What is the Height of a 295 Tire?

Generally, the height of a tire refers to the overall diameter. In order to detect the measurement, you need to measure the tire from head to toe

By taking the measurement, you will find the height of the 295 tire is about 676 mm (26.6 inches). 

For proper height measurement, make sure the tire has inflated correctly, and pass through the middle part of the tire for precise measurement.

Hopefully, the given video will teach you how you can read any standard tire’s size and understand the sidewall width: 

Basic Size Chart Of A 295 Tire

Every tire has a specific measurement when we talk about the size.

As a result, it is necessary to consider everything before you get into purchasing tires for your car, from sidewall to the rim diameter to the perimeter.

So getting familiar with the width and height is not enough!

So here, we’d like to share the 3 popular sizes’ (e.g. 50R15, 30R19, & 65R20) dimensions of the 295 tire:

ParameterDimension in Inch
Diameter of the tire26.6” (50R15), 26” (30R19), 34.1 (65R20)
Section width of the tire11.6” in 50R15, 30R19, and 65R20
Width range of the Rim8-10” (50R15), 19” x 10-11” (30R19), 20” x 8-10” (65R20)
Height of the sidewall5.81” (50R15), 3.5” (30R19), 7.5” (65R20)
RPM (Revolution Per Mile)757.8 (50R15), 777 (30R19), 572 (65R20)
Circumference83.6” (50R15), 81.5” (30R19), 110.26” (65R20)

As you can see, different sizes serve different dimensions, even if you get your hands on the 295 tire specifically. 

So we’d prefer taking assistance from the tire size calculator to get the most precise calculation instantly! 

Benefits and Drawbacks of a 295 Tire

Every automotive tire has its own unique characteristics, pros, and cons, and so with the 295 tire! 

But we guess the advantages it serves will overlap its drawbacks because the cons are overlookable for the majority of users.

So let us walk you through the key pros and cons of the 295 tire:


  • It ensures optimal coverage and gripping.  
  • Friendly with rough or uneven surfaces, thanks to its large profiles.
  • Around bumpy/rough terrains, you can have comfortable handling.
  • Even at the maximum speed, 265 tires ensure improved stability. 
  • Best known for offering optimal traction against slippery roads.


  • For being large, the 265 tire is a bit heavy!

List of the Vehicles Friendly with a 295 Tire

Each tire is prone to get its unique dimensions, including the height, width, rim width, and so on. 

As a result, you cannot just pick any random for your vehicle because the compatibility highly relies on the overall size. 

So here, we will share a list from A to Z that loads almost every 295 tire-friendly vehicle: 



  • Bentley (Bentayga)
  • Bentley (Continental GT)
  • Bentley (Flying Spur) 
  • BMW X5 M & X6 M
  • BMW Alpina XD3 & XD4


  • Chevy SSR
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chrysler Prowler


  • Dodge Viper
  • Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500
  • Dodge Durango
  • Dodge Durango (SRT)


  • F-pace Jaguar
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee


  • Lexus GX
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • 911 Porsche
  • Porsche (Boxster)
  • Porsche (Macan)
  • Porsche (Cayenne)


  • Cullinan Rolls-Royce


  • SsangYong Rexton


  • Toyota (4runner)



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