Best 19.5 Tires For F450 [Top 7 Picks]

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Many Ford F450 owners struggle to choose the perfect set of tires for their trucks. And when they end up with the wrong choice, it results in degrading the performance of the.

That’s why finding the best 19.5 tires for F450 is crucial. With the right kind of tires, you can unleash the capability of your Ford F450.

It can bring excellent power, great towing and hauling capability, and a smooth drivability experience.

The good news for you is that we went ahead and found the perfect 19.5 tires for the Ford F450. We tried them out, and here we will be sharing that experience.

Make sure to check that out and see which one suits your needs the best.

Best In Quality
Michelin XDE 2+ 265/70R19.5 140/138L G
Best Overall
TOYO M608 Radial Tire - 225/70R19.5 128N
Best All_Season Tires
Continental Tires Hybrid HD3 225/70R19.5 Tire - All Season, Commercial
Michelin XDE 2+ 265/70R19.5 140/138L G
TOYO M608 Radial Tire – 225/70R19.5 128N
Continental Tires Hybrid HD3 225/70R19.5 Tire – All Season, Commercial
Price not available
Best In Quality
Michelin XDE 2+ 265/70R19.5 140/138L G
Michelin XDE 2+ 265/70R19.5 140/138L G
Price not available
More Info
Best Overall
TOYO M608 Radial Tire - 225/70R19.5 128N
TOYO M608 Radial Tire – 225/70R19.5 128N
More Info
Best All_Season Tires
Continental Tires Hybrid HD3 225/70R19.5 Tire - All Season, Commercial
Continental Tires Hybrid HD3 225/70R19.5 Tire – All Season, Commercial
More Info

What Kind of 19.5 Tires Are Available for the F450?

Picking a tire for the Ford F450 isn’t that straightforward because there are typically three types of tires to choose from.

These three tire types will give you unique features that will suit a particular driving style.

Let’s get through the three types of 19.5-inch diameter tires for your F450.

All-terrain tires

A great thing about the Ford F450 is its ability to drive off-road and on-road conditions. But to reach that utmost capability, you must have all-terrain tires on your truck.

All-terrain tires can drive through any terrain, whether mud or straight dry path. It doesn’t matter.

Heavy duty tires

If you are more into off-road driving, get your Ford F450 equipped with heavy-duty tires. These tires are suitable for off-roading and rough road conditions.

They can easily get you through several terrains without causing any damage to the tires or the tread of the tires.

Highway tires

On the other hand, you can get highway tires for on-road driving and highways. These tires drive smoothly without making too much noise on the road.

You can experience a comfortable ride with a higher speed rating. So, if you don’t plan on off-roading that much, then highway tires are great.

What Makes Up A Good Quality 19.5 Tire For F450 Trucks?

Whenever it’s about finding a good quality tire, you must go through some factors to decide on the quality.

For the F450 trucks, the diameter is usually 19.5 inches. Other than that, what makes the tires great for F450 trucks are as follows –

  • The best tire size for an F450 truck is 225/70R19.5, and it performs the best in quality.
  • Versatility is a very strong suit for F450 truck tires, as they can go through various conditions.
  • A tread pattern that can withstand rough road conditions can make up a quality tire.
  • A load capacity of around 3000 to 4000 is perfect for any F450 tire with 19.5 diameter.
  • Longevity around 45k to 50k miles is a necessity for excellent quality.
  • The tires need good traction and grip on the road in most conditions.
  • Lastly, the pricing has to be reasonable, and it has to have good value within itself as well.

7 Best 19.5 Tires for F450

While exploring all the 19.5 tire options for our F450, we found 7 choices that satisfied us with the performance. These tires come from different brands with some very unique features.

So, you can choose any of these options based on the features you prefer in your tires.

1. Michelin XDE 2+ 265/70R19.5 140/138L G – Best In Quality

Michelin XDE 2+ 265/70R19.5 140/138L G
  • Designed for use on the drive axle of commercial trucks and buses in regional and long haul applications
  • Four longitudinal grooves force water out of the tread to reduce the risk of hydroplaning on wet roads
  • Tread pattern and all-season rubber compound provide year-round traction and performance

We have learned over the years that Michelin tires never disappoint, and the Michelin XDE 2+ didn’t either.

It performed great on our F450, and the road performance was a pleasure to experience with its smooth drivability.

The best thing we found about these tires was the all-year drivability. These tires had great traction and grip, which we found excellent while driving.

In wet conditions, the tires didn’t slip, and in snowy conditions, they could easily cruise through the road.

Next, what we loved about the tires was their tread material. We felt the tread would have a very long life and expect serious durability from the tires.

Another good thing about the tires was their drivability factor. In our experience, we didn’t have any kind of bumps or jumps here and there. We could easily go through most of the road very smoothly and comfortably.


  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Heavy duty durable tires
  • Excellent grip in all road conditions
  • They are easy to mount
  • Great tread life and tread pattern


  • These tires are expensive
  • Noise can be an issue with these

2. TOYO M608 Radial Tire – 225/70R19.5 128N – Best Overall

TOYO M608 Radial Tire – 225/70R19.5 128N
  • Country of Origin : Italy
  • The Package Height of the Product is 8.3 inches
  • The Package Length of the Product is 32.3 inches
  • The Package Width of the Product is 32.3 inches

Toyo M608 radial tires are your best bet for success if you are thinking of heavy-duty hauling. 

When we tried out these tires, they might not have impressed us much on the road, but off the road, these were nothing but impressive.

Starting with the tread design, we got something beyond our expectations regarding traction and grip. 

The tires held very well in the off-road conditions, especially on the muddy terrains where we didn’t hope for much grip. While driving the car, the stability of the tires was also very commendable. 

We had no trouble handling the car in either off-road or on-road conditions. And for most users, the handling part was a point of pleasure with these tires.

Adding to all that, there is the heavy-duty construction on these tires that makes the tires truly shine

These tires have a solid tread design that can go through rough roads and withstand a lot of wear and tear. After several miles on these tires, we didn’t see any sign of damage.


  • Perform well in all terrains
  • Great stability and handling
  • Impressive longevity
  • Fantastic traction and grip
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Driving doesn’t feel that comfortable
  • The tires can get pretty noisy on road

3. Continental Tires Hybrid HD3 225/70R19.5 Tire – Best All_Season Tires

Continental Tires Hybrid HD3 225/70R19.5 Tire – All Season, Commercial
  • Treadlife: N/A
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Highway
  • Car Type: Commercial
  • Load Range G, 14-Ply Rated, 14-PR

If you want all-season tires for your Ford F450 truck, these Continental tires are your safest bet. With these tires, we could rely on them to take us through the summer and winter seasons without any trouble.

They exceed all the expectations we set for them. Coming to the performance factor of these tires, we loved our experience on wet and dry surfaces. 

On the wet surfaces, we didn’t have any issues with the tires slipping or losing grip, which was a huge positive for us. Even in some snowy conditions, these tires were performing well.

A great thing about these tires has to be the comfortable and smooth ride they provide on the long highways. 

We had good control over the tires on the long roads, and we hardly felt any bumps on the road. The low noise factor on these tires also added comfortability on these tires.

The durability factor has to be one of the talking points of this tire. Because the tread pattern is pretty solid, and the overall construction is pretty heavy-duty. The sidewalls are strong enough to take up many heavy loads on the tires.


  • Perfect all-season tires
  • Impressive durability and construction
  • Very comfortable ride
  • The noise levels are quite low
  • Good control on the road


  • Not suitable for extreme weather
  • A little bit costly to installation

4. Goodyear G622 RSD TL BSL 245/70R19.5 133L G/14 – Best Affordability

Goodyear 245/70R19.5 133L G/14 G622 RSD TL BSL
  • Rubber compound and optimized design promote long, even wear
  • Tie barred shoulder protects the tire from damage
  • Aggressive all-season tread pattern for year-round traction
  • Ideal for use in local, regional, and pickup and delivery applications

Spending money isn’t the only way to get the best tires; you can get some cost-effective options like the Goodyear G622. 

The tires didn’t disappoint us with its performance and the quality. Especially keeping the price in mind, we didn’t have any complaints.

We started our journey with these tires on a rainy day in a wet road condition. From our first drive, we had no problems with the traction and grip on the road.

It was a pretty smooth and stable drive throughout the journey. From the first impressions, we could feel the strong build quality on these tires.

The tires were quite robust, which assured us that these tires would last for a long time. After several miles on these tires, we didn’t notice a single wear or tear.

What makes these tires more desirable is the pricing. These tires come at a very affordable price.

But the lower price doesn’t compromise the quality and performance per our experience. It might not be the best-performing tire, but it’s pretty good to have for the price.


  • Affordable tires for quality
  • Pretty solid construction
  • Good traction and grip on wet roads
  • Decent drivability
  • Commendable tread life


  • It has some noise issues
  • Not that good in snow and ice

5. Hankook Smart Flex DH35 N G/14 Ply BSW Tire 225/70R19.5

With a combination of performance, quality, and durability, this is probably one of the best tires for a Ford F450. 

We had a great time with these tires and truly loved the performance we got. Nothing was disappointing about the tires.

We carried some heavy loads on the truck while driving through a pretty long road.

Throughout the driving experience, we loved the handling and stability of the tires. Because of that, even with the heavy load, we had a very smooth driving experience.

The next thing we loved about the tires was their versatility to go through different terrains. We drove through both highways and muddy tracks. 

In both cases, we had a pretty good driving experience. The tires didn’t have any damage or concerns after the drive.

It’s pretty difficult to beat the durability factor of this tire, just like any other Hankook tire. 

They have that strong exterior that can withstand very rigorous road conditions. 

We put some serious miles on these tires and saw no wear and tear on the tread pattern afterward. 


  • Provide some serious traction
  • Very versatile in use
  • Impeccable durability
  • Great stability and handling
  • Drivability is quite smooth


  • Noticeable noise at higher speed
  • It’s a little expensive

6. Falken RI-151 A/P REGIONAL Commercial Truck Tire – 245/70R19.5 136M

Falken RI-151 A/P REGIONAL Commercial Truck Tire – 245/70R19.5 136M
  • All Position
  • Max Load single 4940@120 (lbs@psi)
  • Max Load Dual 4675@120 (lbs@psi)

After equipping our Ford F450 with these Falken RI-151 tires, we truly got to experience commercial tire performance. 

These tires are perfectly capable of handling any task for commercial use. So, if you use your F450 for commercial needs, these tires might be a good pick.

Regarding commercial performance, dependability is more important than anything else. 

These tires may not be the fastest, but we could consistently feel that the drivability is always present. The smooth driving experience was very satisfying for us.

Traction on the road and highways felt very good with these tires. We had no issues with slipping or losing grip on the highway. 

Almost all the users of this tire shared similar experiences of excellent traction on the road.

Along with all that, we found the load capacity of these tires to be quite impressive. Throughout our driving experience, the weight of the cargo never bothered us. 

Most commercial drivers also chose these tires for delivery due to their impeccable load capacity.


  • Suitable for commercial purposes
  • Great dependability on the tires
  • Excellent traction for surfaces
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Reasonable pricing for quality


  • Not the smoothest drive
  • Durability can be questionable

7. Cosmo CT588 Plus Commercial Tire 245/70R19.5

Cruising through your journey with dependable speed becomes much easier when you have the Cosmo CT588 on your F450.

If we ever want to save time in our journeys, we would always pick these tires for our trucks. Along with that, it has much more to offer.

Let’s start with the fact that these tires are quite heavy-duty. The construction we got on the tires was beyond satisfying. 

Even though the tires are a bit heavy, which makes them difficult to mount, they are very rigid. We can expect a great lifetime out of these tires.

For the performance aspect, we had nothing but good experiences. The drivability felt smooth on almost all surfaces.

It performed quite well on highways rather than off-road conditions. These tires can also be great for commercial needs.

The value is another solid reason to get these tires for your trucks and keep getting them. The tires come at an affordable price and deliver on the quality aspect.

From our experience, we can surely call it a value-for-money option without any second thoughts whatsoever.


  • Excellent value for money
  • The tires are pretty fast
  • Smooth drivability
  • Quite solid inbuilt
  • Capable of putting a lot of miles


  • Not suitable for off-roading
  • May not do well in different weather conditions

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, finding the best 19.5 tires for the F450 can be very difficult. You can’t easily decide on the best choice unless you find the experiences of others with different tires.

While all the choices here are top-notch in quality, one choice rises above all. TOYO M608 Radial Tire – 225/70R19.5 128N is the overall best pick with a balance of affordability and performance.

Also, if you prefer other features and benefits, you can easily find tires based on that. No matter which one you pick from here, you end up with quality.

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