Which Cooper Tires Are Made In The USA? [Patriot’s Choice]

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Cooper Tires has earned a reputation for quality in more than a century of tire production. Despite its global expansion, this American brand still makes a significant share of tires in the USA. This is a testament to their reliability and performance.

But which Cooper tires are made in the USA? Well, the American-made Cooper tires originate in Georgia, Arkansas, and Mississippi, besides Ohio, where they began.

Several tire varieties, including the Zeon LTZ, A/T3 XLT, H/T Plus, SRX, S/T Maxx, STT PRO, and HT3 from the Discoverer series, are produced in these plants.

Continue reading to find out more about US-produced Cooper tires, how to distinguish them from those made elsewhere, and why they are important.

Cooper Tires Made in The USA

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has produced tires for over 100 years, combining American performance standards with advanced international technology. 

In Ohio, Georgia, Arkansas, and Mississippi, the American brand now manufactures tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs.

The Discoverer was one of Cooper Tire’s first US-made tires and has since become the company’s flagship brand. It has several American models, including the STT PRO, S/T Maxx, H/T Plus, SRX, and HT3. 

Other American-made tires from the Cooper lineup include the A/T3 and the Zeon LTZ. Besides quality, these tires boast enhanced water ejection for longer tread life, superior sidewall durability, improved stability, and extended tread range.

How to Spot a US-made Cooper Tire?

Of course, not all Cooper Tires are made in America. Many are also made in China, producing between 250,000 to 300,000 truck tires per year. So how can you tell which of these Tires are made in the USA and which are not?

The easiest way to find out is to check the DOT code on the sidewall of your tire. DOT (Department of Transportation) is a series of letters and numbers that indicate various information about your tire, such as its size, date of manufacture, and place of origin.

For example, a tire is manufactured at Cooper’s Findlay plant in Ohio if the DOT code starts with “UP” alphanumeric symbols. Here are all the plant codes for these tire’s American factories:

  • UP–Findlay, Ohio
  • UT–Texarkana, Arkansas
  • 3D–Albany, Georgia
  • U9–Tupelo, Mississippi

If it’s not produced in the United States, you’ll likely see one of these letters as the first symbol: VI, CJ, MZ, DL, or KW.

Where to Buy American-Made Cooper Tires?

Using the company’s shop finder and asking the staff about availability is the simplest approach to finding the US-Made Cooper tires you’re looking for. 

Major shops like Discount Tire, TireRack, Walmart, and Amazon carry American-made tires from the Cooper collection. So you might also find them online.

What’s the Difference between US-Made and Foreign-Made Cooper Tires?

None at all. When it comes to tires from one brand, they are all made to the same standard across the world. 

After all, varying levels of quality across different markets would harm the brand. Because it will make it easier for counterfeiters to produce fake tires. Hence, top US tire brands maintain a high level of quality upheld in all markets.

Here’s how it works: The company sends its materials, technology, and equipment to a factory in another country. The workers at this factory are trained to the same level as those in the US. It is to ensure they can handle the equipment and meet the necessary qualifications.

When manufacturing, the tires undergo the same testing process in the same conditions. The same group of experienced specialists even conducts the tests. Though some may dispute this, their claims are unlikely to be accurate.

Does it Matter if Cooper Tires Are Made in The US or Another Country?

For some consumers, buying an American-made tire is an important deciding factor when choosing their perfect tire.  Moreover, it matters which tires are made in the USA, like Cooper Tires, for several reasons, including quality, safety, economic, and environmental factors.

Quality and safety

Cooper Tires, made in the USA, are subject to rigorous quality and safety standards. These standards ensure that the tires have been thoroughly tested for performance, durability, and safety. 

Consumers may trust domestic manufacturers like Cooper Tires for their adherence to these regulations.

Economic impact

Purchasing Cooper Tires made in the USA supports the domestic economy. It creates jobs and boosts local industries by keeping manufacturing and production within the country. 

This economic benefit can help promote growth and development in the manufacturing sector, specifically for companies like Cooper Tires.

Environmental regulations

The United States has strict environmental regulations in place, which can lead to more eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

When you buy Cooper Tires made in the USA, you can have more confidence that these products were produced with an emphasis on reducing environmental impact.

Shorter supply chain

Cooper Tires made in the USA have a shorter supply chain, which means reduced transportation costs and a lower carbon footprint. This can be a significant factor for environmentally conscious consumers who choose Cooper Tires.

Support for local businesses

Buying Cooper Tires made in the USA supports local businesses, which in turn strengthens communities. This support can lead to a more robust local economy and improved living standards for residents. 

By choosing domestically produced tires, consumers contribute to the success of local businesses and help foster a sense of community pride.

Are Cooper Tires Better Than European Tire Brands?

It depends on what you mean by ‘better.’ Cooper Tires offer good quality, value, and performance, backed by a rewarding warranty program. The company also has a varied and expansive lineup that suits many car, truck, and SUV needs. 

Compared to other American tire brands, such as Goodyear, Cooper is in the same league. However, some may argue that it’s slightly behind in the high-performance and luxury market.

Likewise, European brands like Pirelli and Continental typically excel in the racing arena. Many owners find Cooper to be more than capable when it comes to everyday performance. 

Many of these Tires are designed and manufactured to offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio. And it makes a fantastic option for those seeking value in their next purchase.


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