How Do I Let Air Out Of My Tire? 4 Easy Ways You Must Know!

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To let the air out of the tire of your vehicle, you need to locate the valve of the tire first. After that, you can deflate the tire by using a screwdriver or a tire pump. Tire deflators are also used to do the task more conveniently. Surprisingly you can also let the air out of the tire even without any tool! 

But how so? How to use those tools to deflate an overinflated tire? No worry as we will here tell you step-by-step every method of letting the air out of the tire in today’s how-to guide. So keep on reading!

So, How Can I Let The Air Out Of The Vehicle’s Tire?

As you already got the hint, first you need to locate the valve of your tire. The valve stem of a tire is a small cylindrical tube that maintains the airflow of the tire. One can locate it in between the spokes of the tire. 

Once you locate the valve of the tire, letting the air out of it is nothing more than just a breeze as long as you follow the steps carefully. 

You can follow any of the methods described below in the deflating process.

Method 1: By Reducing The Tire Pressure With Screwdriver

To let the air out of your vehicle, the easiest method is to extract the metal pin with a screwdriver or needle nose pliers in the stem valve of the tire. 

You may also need to lift up your vehicle to prevent the potential damage that can be caused by the weight redistribution because of the deflated tire. 

Tools Required

  • Lift jack 
  • Jack stand 
  • Pressure gauge
  • Needle nose pliers or screwdriver 

Step 1- Locate The Tire Valve

First, locate the valve on the tire. You can usually find it in between the spokes in the middle of the tire. 

Step 2- Remove The Cap

Now rotate the cap of the valve counterclockwise and remove it. Once you remove the cap, it will reveal the metal pin in the center of the valve. 

Step 3- Check The Pressure of The Tire

Attach the pressure gauge to the valve. The gauge will show the current readout of your tire pressure in PSI. 

Step 4- Press The Metal Pin

Use a screwdriver or a pair of needle nose pliers to press the metal pin in the center of the valve. 

The air will shoot out of the tire once you put pressure on the metallic pin. Lift the screwdriver or the pliers off the pin to stop the deflating process. 

Step 5- Jack Up Your Vehicle

If you want to deflate the tire totally, then you need to jack up your vehicle. After that, you can let the air completely out of the tire safely.

Method 2: Deflate The Over Inflated Tire Using A Tire Pump

Now let us move ahead to the next method of letting the air out of the tire. 

In this method, a tire pump is used for the task. The method is more straightforward and does not require many tools. 

Tools Required

  • Tire Pump 
  • Screwdriver 

Step 1: Loosen Up The Valve Cap

First of all, locate the valve stem of the tire and remove the valve cap in a counterclockwise direction. 

But make sure not to remove the cap totally, just loosen it up. 

Step 2: Attach The Tire Pump

Now attach the tire pump to the valve. Flip the back of the instrument upwards. 

The computer will display the tire pressure in PSI. You need to continue the process until you get the desired tire pressure. 

Step 3: Remove The Tire Pump And Tighten The Valve Cap

Once the tire pressure reaches the desired level, remove the tire pump from the valve stem. 

After removing the tire pump from the valve of the tire, reattach the valve cap securely on it and tighten it up. 

That is all to do!

Method 3: Let The Air Out Of The Tire With Tire Deflator


A tire deflator is a device that helps you more conveniently in deflating over-inflated tires. 

In this section, we will cover step by step guide for letting the air out of the tire of your vehicle. 

Tools Required

  • Tire Deflator 

Step 1: Connect The Deflator With The Valve Stem

First start by pulling the rod handle of the deflator back so that the steel rod is fully extended. 

Next using the mid connector thread, nozzle it onto your tire valve stem by fully twisting it clockwise. 

Make sure it is secured nice and tight but be careful not to overtighten here with the deflator. 

Now the deflator is connected to your tire valve stem.

Step 2: Deflating The Tire

You need to temporarily remove the valve core from the tire. 

You will know you have the valve core engaged by slightly rocking the rod handle back and forth in each direction. 

Remove it by slowly twisting the rod handle counterclockwise. Then have ten to twelve full turns to thread the valve core out of the tire. 

While doing this, you may start to hear the sound of air hissing. It is totally normal during this step. 

The air pressure from within your tire will start to naturally push out. 

Step 3: Check The Tire Pressure

Now check the tire pressure of your vehicle. The dial face of the built-in gauge should display your current tire pressure

Use the slide valve to instantly alternate between checking tire pressure and airing down until you are at your target riding tire pressure. 

Great! You are all done!

If you need more help you can refer to the below YouTube video for a video tutorial. 

Hope it will help you to understand more clearly. 

Method 4: Let The Air Out Of The Tire Without A Tool

We know, there are times when you may not have any tool available in your car and you need to let the air out from your tire. 

Do not be dumbfounded by the situation as there are some ways to do the task even without tools! 

Let’s see three different ways to let the air out without tools. 

1- Remove The Cap From The Valve

Now to remove the air from the tire, what you need to do is to identify what type of valve is used in your vehicle. 

You know some valves of the tires do not even need to use tools to let the air out of the tire. They have caps by which you can let the air out from the tire. 

What you just need to do is remove the cap of the valve and the valve itself to release the excess air. 

2- Peas

We know this is not always available in everyone’s car. However, if you own them, they are a good way to go with the task. Here is what you need to do- 

  • Cut a piece into half. 
  • Now put it on the cap of the valve stem. 
  • Put the cap in its place on the valve tube. 
  • All done! 

The valve pin will be now pressed down by the pea and the deflation process will progress. 

3- DIY Pressure Tool

Although there are several aftermarket tools for letting the air out from the tire, sometimes knowing the DIY pressure tool comes in handy when tools are not available or not around. 

Moreover, you do not have too many things to have this makeshift tool. Let us see how. 

Tools Required

  • Hack saw
  • Super glue 
  • 5/ 32 bolt 
  • Paper clip
  • Valve cap 


  • Cut the bolt down to size. You should do so according to your need whether you are wanting to deflate the air at a great rate or a moderate amount. 
  • Now you have to stick the bolt under the cap using super glue.
  • Use the paper clips to keep the bolt in its place until the glue dries.


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